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2023 September Bass Fishing on Lake Owyhee Reservoir Oregon

Embracing Autumn Transitions:

September is a transitional month where the bass start adapting to cooler water temperatures and changing prey availability. As the season shifts, the bass's habits and preferences evolve, presenting both opportunities and challenges for anglers.

Prominent Lures and Techniques:

  1. Crankbaits: As the water begins to cool, bass may become more active and willing to chase down moving lures. Crankbaits that mimic injured baitfish can trigger aggressive strikes. Opt for medium to deep diving models depending on the depth you're targeting.

  2. Jigs: Jigs are versatile baits that can be fished effectively in a variety of conditions. Try flipping or pitching them around submerged structures, rock piles, and vegetation. Use natural colors that resemble the local forage.

  3. Soft Plastics: Soft plastic creature baits, worms, and senkos can still be productive in September. Fish them slowly around cover, allowing the bass to spot and strike when they're less active.

  4. Topwater: Early mornings and evenings can provide exciting topwater action. Experiment with poppers, buzzbaits, and walking baits to entice bass feeding near the surface.

Focusing on Bass Behavior:

  1. Shallow Water: During the early and late parts of the day, target shallower areas where bass may be hunting for prey close to the shoreline. This is a prime time for topwater presentations.

  2. Deep Water: As the sun rises and warms the water, bass may move to deeper areas. Look for drop-offs, underwater structures, and points that provide depth changes for the bass to explore.

  3. Transition Zones: Pay attention to areas where shallow water transitions to deeper water. These zones can concentrate baitfish and attract bass looking for an easy meal.

Equipment and Preparation:

  1. Rods and Reels: Medium to medium-heavy spinning or baitcasting rods with appropriate reels are suitable for various techniques. Match your equipment to the lures and techniques you plan to use.

  2. Line Selection: Consider using fluorocarbon line for its abrasion resistance and invisibility underwater. Use line weights between 10-20 pounds, depending on the bass's size and cover conditions.

  3. Tackle Variety: Pack a variety of lures in your tackle box to adapt to changing conditions. Include crankbaits, jigs, soft plastics, and topwater lures to cover different depths and behaviors.

Conservation and Respect:

While enjoying your September bass fishing adventure, remember to practice ethical angling by adhering to local regulations, practicing catch-and-release, and respecting the environment. Leave no trace and minimize your impact to preserve the natural beauty of Lake Owyhee Reservoir.

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