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Casting Into Spring: Bass Fishing on Lake Owyhee, March 2024

Time to start thinking about bass fishing at Lake Owyhee in March 2024.

  1. Pre-Spawn Strategies:

March signals the pre-spawn period for bass at Lake Owyhee, a time when these prized fish begin their migration towards shallower waters in preparation for spawning. Savvy anglers know that targeting key areas like rocky points, submerged structures, and drop-offs can yield impressive results. Soft plastic baits, such as senkos and creature baits, closely imitate the prey bass are feasting on during this period, making them excellent choices for your tackle box.

  1. Crank It Up:

Lake Owyhee's expansive waters present an ideal canvas for experimenting with crankbaits. As the water temperatures rise, bass become more active, and crankbaits can be effective in covering large areas quickly. Opt for medium-diving crankbaits to explore varying depths, and pay attention to the retrieval speed – varying your retrieve can trigger reaction strikes from the bass patrolling the shallows.

  1. Embrace the Jig:

The versatility of jigs makes them a go-to lure for bass fishing at Lake Owyhee in March. Crawfish-colored jigs, in particular, mimic the primary forage of bass during this season. Target rocky areas, submerged vegetation, and drop-offs, allowing the jig to bounce off the lake bottom. The slow and deliberate movement of a jig can be irresistible to bass preparing for the upcoming spawn.

  1. Weather Matters:

Lake Owyhee's bass are responsive to changes in weather conditions, and March can bring a mix of sunny days and occasional rain. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast before planning your fishing trip. Overcast days can often trigger increased bass activity, while sunny days might see them seeking shelter in deeper waters. Adapt your fishing approach based on the weather to optimize your chances of a successful outing.

  1. The Beauty of Lake Owyhee:

While the thrill of bass fishing is undoubtedly the main attraction, take a moment to appreciate the stunning surroundings of Lake Owyhee. Nestled amidst the high desert landscape, the lake offers breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. Capture the essence of your fishing adventure by exploring the lake's nooks and crannies, and be sure to bring a camera to immortalize the scenic beauty of your bass fishing experience.

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