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2023 October Bass Fishing on Owyhee Reservoir

Bass in October:

October marks a transition period for bass as they prepare for the winter months. During this time, bass are often found in shallower waters, targeting schools of baitfish that are also on the move. The changing weather conditions and decreasing daylight trigger the bass to feed voraciously, putting them in prime condition for anglers seeking to land trophy-sized catches.

Best Fishing Techniques:

  1. Topwater Lures: Utilizing topwater lures during the early morning or late evening can be particularly effective. Buzzbaits, poppers, and walking baits mimic injured baitfish and can trigger explosive strikes from hungry bass patrolling the shallows.

  2. Jerkbaits and Crankbaits: As the day progresses and the sun rises higher, transitioning to jerkbaits and crankbaits can prove successful. Targeting submerged structures, drop-offs, and points where bass are likely to be waiting for passing prey can yield impressive results.

  3. Soft Plastics: Slow presentations with soft plastics, such as plastic worms or creature baits, are effective throughout the day. Rigging these baits Texas or Carolina style allows anglers to explore different depths and cover more water to locate bass.

  4. Jig Fishing: Fishing with jigs, especially in natural colors that mimic local forage, can be productive in targeting larger, more lethargic bass. Working jigs along the bottom near rocks and other structures can entice strikes from bass looking for an easy meal.

Weather Considerations:

October weather in the high desert can be unpredictable, ranging from sunny and mild to cool and windy. Anglers should be prepared for changing conditions by bringing layers, waterproof gear, and paying attention to weather forecasts. Wind can play a significant role in bass fishing on Owyhee Reservoir, so understanding how it affects the water and adjusting your fishing strategy accordingly is crucial.

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